the power of magic
chaotic good
many shared visions
an air of mystery
employ your will
play all day

IMG: 3D scan of me working with you

I enjoy designing experiences that surprise and delight and draw inspiration from strange places. Starting as a UX designer, I have a background designing more traditional platforms but have slowly moved into the realm of spatial experiences.

My favourite projects to work on involve new technologies and I have experience designing for VR, AR and Immersive Web (including Web3).
Very simply, I'm the link between humans and technology and aim to design for the way that people actually live and how and when their lives merge with the digital realm.

I'm fascinated with the emerging intersection of technology and spirituality and want to explore more projects in this field.

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Based between Amsterdam & Cape Town


“The human realm is ruled by three elements: time, space and probability. Ideas, by contrast, must remain independant of all three.”  - Murakami